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Here is where we begin that rare conversation about how Nature's Most Gifted Child not only survives, but prospers. Using My Photography, Poetry, Prose and a respect for every unique creation God has made, we begin to expose, even peel away, discover more of the sacred within our lives, our lands, our living:

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Wonder & Width:
a Poetry Primer for Those Who Hang-Out in Nature
or Bump Their Heads A Lot





C. W. Barrett
©Wave Publishing Co., 2019

Can A Song Be True?


Most people sing

some cultures chant

so many melodic circular words

to find their inner-peace

or a needed break

from the never-ending pokes and jabs

the tugs of modern life.

Some bow their heads and hearts to pray

or raise them up high to sing

or close their eyes to meditate,

while some work and sweat on fences in the sun

or read poetry in the wind-swept outdoors.


Some blow long slow breaths

in long angular yoga poses

or swimming flat, glassy green oceans;

while others fly huge, cloud-studded skies.

Others dizzily dance

and whirl in circles

while still others just memorize

the tenderness of a kiss.


I sometimes find myself


for moments

of once again jumping


into one of these Holy Prayers,

bathing myself anew

now washing me clean

all over again.


Within the fury of the human brain

it is only

the Repetition of Your Passions,

of these Truths,

these Verses,

the glorious repetition of those few

Holy Prayers

that we already know

that can summon

that specific Washing….

the salvational inkling….

that can deliver us safely Home….


C. W. Barrett
Pt. Reyes Station, CA; 2013

Captains Courageous
(Where Did the Captain Go?)


“Does your boat blow haphazardly around a lost bay?

Do you always know what to do or where you are going

or do you sometimes dash into rock?

And who actually drives your tossing vessel

you or your meandering mind stuck

in some fearful drive forward

that you do not control?

And how does one wrestle this spinning helm


from such automatic fear

sometimes loathing

even catastrophe?….


Isn’t it time

that you were a respected, formidable Captain

that not only has someplace to go

but that is admired

for how you are so buoyantly and admirably

getting there?

And all by learning to take command

of this Rarest of  Vessels

by editing our days

sometimes our hour to hour

with the only hope we have

of Compass



by choosing

to sing

each of the Holy Details of our Passions


Hopes, Delights

this huge, bellowing power

to boldly sail

sometimes even sprint

to make you grand

not only the Captain of Where You Go,

but how much fun you have

getting there?”


C. W. Barrett
Sonoma, CA; 2015

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