C. W. Barrett

Here is where we begin that rare conversation about how Nature's Most Gifted Child not only survives, but prospers. Using My Photography, Poetry, Prose and a respect for every unique creation God has made, we begin to expose, even peel away, discover more of the sacred within our lives, our lands, our living:

from “Saigon Before The Fall,” Photo Gallery and Forthcoming Book (my first two rolls of flim):

Viet East West

Lady-San, East-West;
The Feminine Mystic, Saigon Style

Viet Shop Reading

After-School Study in Dad’s Market
Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Viet Saigon Boys

Street Games for Saigon Boys while dad looks on
in his fine shoes and pajamas; Saigon, 1970

Viet Grandma Sans

Viet Grandma-Sans Sewing; sidewalk sewing vendor;
Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Viet Black Goddess

Traditional Pride (or Doing Well In War),
Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam, 1969

Sleepy Viet Cycle Cab

Boy’s Bike Taxi, (Even All Saigon) Slows Down After a Lunchtime Meal; Vietnam, 1970

Viet Vendor barber

Saigon Street Vendor, Barber and Village; Vietnam, 1970

Viet Mama Street Vendor

Mama-San Not Only Eats Watermelon…
but owns that black mouth of chewing tobacco: Downtown Saigon, 1970

Viet B&W Lady

Vietnamese Silk Beauty in Barbed-Wire: even in the middle of a furious War
girls need to go to the store….and maybe look nice; Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Viet Saigon King Class

Shops Full of Vietnamese Art and Color; Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Viet Vendor

The Family Street Vendors, the Colors and Commotion of Downtown Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Viet Bike Shop

The Ever Present Motorcycle, the Most Successful Shop in Town; Saigon, Vietnam, 1970

Rural Viet Ladies Lunch

Ladies Lunch in Rural Vietnam,
complete with tasty Viet fare, a Budweiser, local gossip
and some humor; Tan An, Vietnam, 1969

Viet Ben Luc Village

Safe, Pleasant Village…for The Moment:
typical Rice Farming Village, complete with Boys and Buffalos; Ap Binh-Cu, between Dong Tam and My Tho,
45 min. from Saigon, Vietnam, 1968

Mom's Viet Nap W/Baby

Vietnamese Mom and Baby,
and their Lunchtime Nap; Downtown Saigon, 1970

shy viets

The Sweet, Ever Shy Vietnamese;
longtime Buddhists are short on bling

Viet Girls In Dirt

Viet Girls Could Make Any Work Fun:
The impossibility of keeping clean, if you’re endlessly building sidewalks in the mud for GI’s who
deathly fear showing-up without clean boots; Tan An, Vietnam, 1969

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